2005 Freeform Challenge: The Fiber

Here are some pictures of the yarn as it appeared when it arrived (thanks to some other participants; I didn't have the foresight to take pictures!).


The following pictures show how I initially grouped the yarns.:

I intended to use these two groups together from the start. I subdivided them because I planned to make dolls from a smaller set of yarn. The first doll was already complete when I realized I should be taking pictures! These yarns became my main piece, except for the silver, which I used in my third piece, with the pastels below.


I ended up adding the blue variegated yarn and the black yarn from the next picture into this group and used it in my second piece. I think the black added a lot to this group, but I didn't think to add it at first. I really ended up liking this group (with the added yarns). The palest yarns (along with the silver) were in my third piece. I didn't end up using the gorgeous purple/green/gold because I couldn't make it fit in, sadly. However, I plan to make something with these colors, because it is a palette that I have been wanting to try for quite a while.


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