Cassie's Cloud

I made this for Cassie for her 4th birthday. She said she wanted a soft cloud to sleep with. I googled for "plush cloud" but I didn't really find much and what I found had creepy looking faces. I thought a freeform cloud would be fun and she would like the textures. I very rarely use white in my FF work (sometimes cream, but almost never white). I didn't expect to enjoy this project as much as I did! For some reason I had quite a few whites in my stash and only "had" to buy a few more for this project.

When I finished it I realized Cassie would probably want it to have a smiley face, as she loves them. I didn't want to ruin the freeform, but the customer is always right, so I sewed a smiley cloud on the back of it and threw in a rainbow for good measure. Of course, this is her favorite part ... but that's OK with me.

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