Fulled Bags

I started creating recycled sweater fulled bags from a sweater I made years and years ago. Someone in the FFCrochet Yahoo group posted this link and when I looked at it a lightbulb went off! I had made a sweater 10 or 15 years ago that was too bulky and big and I only wore it once or twice -- it would make a nice bag. So, I decided to give it a try. Here are some "before" pictures:

And here is the resulting bag, with fulled crochet handles:

Well, this was such fun, and a quick, easy project! I had just told someone at my daughter's school that I would make something for the school's art gallery event, which has a silent auction fund raiser. I thought I could find a nice sweater or two at a local thriftshop and make a couple of bags. It would fit in perfectly with the event's recycling theme. Well, as I am wont ot do, I went a little crazy. I visited both thrift stores and bought a total of 8 sweaters, most of which are still awaiting surgery as I write this in April 2007. Here are the bags I've made so far.

These all came from the same sweater:

These three also came from the same sweater. The first is from the body, the second from the yoke, and the third from the sleeves:

I really liked the colors of this sweater and I'm sure I'll find something to do with the sleeves:

And I had to make one in keeping with my doll obsession (the full photo doesn't show the doll very well, so here's a close up too):

This whole fulling experiment has got me thinking about other uses for fulled parts of recycled sweaters ... I see some dolls in my future, and I already have an idea in mind for a certain sleeve that would make a nice doll body.

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