Is It a Scarf ... or a Doll?
(7 x 55 in, 18 x 138 cm)

Jonelle Raffino of SWTC posted a note to the FFCrochet group a while back asking for volunteers to make a freeform scarf from yarns that she provides -- enough for one scarf to send her and one to keep. I raised my hand and said "I'll do it." Jonelle sent me tons of wonderful yarn (see below) and said I could keep whatever I didn't use! WOW! Here is my scarf ...

... which looks curiously like a doll if you turn your head the right way:

I decided to use these yarns for my scarf ...

... but aren't these ones below beautiful also? They'll be lovely in some other project, PLUS I have plenty left over of the yarns above!

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