(14 in/35 cm)

I keep a bag full of what I think of as bits and pieces of crochet: my experiments, playing, trying out new motifs, etc. A while back I went through the bag and thought it would be fun to try to make a doll almost exclusively from bits and pieces in my bag. I didn't have time, but the idea stuck with me. When I finally got around to it I was really happy with the results:

All of the parts of the doll were pieces from my bag except for the purse, the hair, and the purple collar/choker (which was added to hide a join that I didn't like). The doll's skirt was made from a swirl pattern that Barbara Hillery created and graciously shared with me. I sewed the pieces together and constructed circular pieces for the back side, which allowed me to encase a craft stick to keep the doll from flopping. Here is a picture of the back:

I haven't made flat dolls before, but I'm sure I'll make more!! This one was really fun to make and it came together really quickly since I had all the parts already (probably 2-4 hours of work in bits and pieces, in keeping with the doll's theme). I really like that flat dolls can be hung easily, as I'm running out of surfaces in my house to put my dolls. Hanging also makes photographing them a bit easier.

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