Blue UniYarn Scrumble Doll
(14 in/35 cm not including legs)

The idea for this doll came through two sources. First, Bonnie Pierce and Marlo Cairns (members of the FFCrochet Yahoo group to which I belong) posted pictures of their scrumbles made with a single yarn, which I called UniYarn scrumbles. They looked so great that I knew I'd try it eventually, and tucked that idea away. Also, I had bought the yarn I used for the hair expressly for doll hair -- something about it just said "doll hair" to me. Originally I was going to use it for a different doll concept, but it just didn't work (that doll turned out to be the Blue and Green Magic Ball Doll) , and I decided that the hair needed a doll with just one color -- bingo! A UniYarn scrumble doll.

I often tend to make the heads of my dolls on the small side. It's not always (or even not usually) intentional. I struggle with this, but I think there is something in me that wants it that way because the main focus and fun of making the doll is the detail work on the body, and I want that to show in the finished product. Oh yeah, and in the hair too -- that part is really fun for me, so I usually do it up big (and that sometimes mitigates the small head syndrome, as I think it did in this doll).

As I trimmed the hair, I found the clippings so pretty that I couldn't throw them away so I saved them in a baggie, not sure what I'd do with them. Then I thought they'd make a nice accent stuffed into a mesh bag. Every gal needs a bag full of pretty yarn ... or two ... or more!

I found the process of working with one yarn surprisingly satisfying!! Color has been one of the main attractions of freeform for me and I didn't expect to like working with a single yarn so much, but I loved it. I enjoyed eliminating the color variable and focusing just on the texture of my work. There was something very freeing about that. Here are some close-ups of the work.

I don't much care for the big clumpy motif on the left of the picture below. I've used it in the body of a doll once before and didn't like it -- it just seems to stand out too much from the others. It kind of looks like a growth and so I display the doll with the arm in front of it, kind of covering it up. Oh well. The motif worked well as doll hair in the Flower Girl doll. (The motif is basically a sc spiral in the back loops, and then in the front loops fringe made by casting on stitches and working them off Tunisian style).

I wouldn't want all my work to be in a single yarn -- I still really enjoy color, but this was really a fun project for me. It also turned out to be a relatively quick doll to make -- all those color changes take time, and much more care is required in joining and placement of motifs and stitches when working in many colors.

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