Carrot Top
(28 in, 71 cm; completed September 2005)

Carrot Top is another in my series of flat dolls, the rest of which are accessible from my dolls page.

I made the first scrumble in this doll in 2003, when I spent much of my crochet time playing with combinations of orange, purple, and green. It is on the lower right edge of the dress. I liked that particular combination a lot, and always intended to get back to it, but it took me a couple of years. I made this doll's dress first, fitting the scrumbles to a pattern I drew. I decided to give her a simple round head with minimal detail so as not to detract too much from the dress, which I want to be the focal point. Here are some close-ups of the dress:

Carrot Top's hair is a variation on a technique called "crochet twirls" that I learned from Barbara Hillery, a fellow member of the FFCrochet Yahoo group. I stumbled on this idea as an approach to doll hair while working on the scrumbles of the dress. I just happened to turn a circular motif that had a partial twirl on it in a certain way, looked at it, and thought, "DOLL HAIR!" I was so excited that I made a tiny doll using that idea just to see whether it would really work out for what turned out to be Carrot top.

I worked in the back loops of sc stitches (the first variation on Barbary Hillery's basic idea) to give the hair some texture, and after I followed the Barbara's twirl approach for the first portion of the hair, I built on top of it in a similar fashion, but with additional changes in direction (the second variation) so I could get the shaping I wanted. I call it "twirlish hair."

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