Hosiery Doll Series1
(All dolls around 11 in, 28 cm; completed April/May 2008)

As a follow-on to my hosiery coral reef projects (#1, #2, and #3 to date) I made these dolls from hosiery yarn. To my surprise I enjoy working with these neutral-ish colors. The hosiery yarn is so stiff that I am able to make a sculptural doll without having to stuff it -- yay! Well, I did stuff the heads of this one (with hosiery -- what else?), but the bodies are hollow. I have found that they stand up better with a cardboard tube inside. It shows through a bit on some of the close-up pictures, but not when in normal situations. These dolls worked up pretty quickly and I enjoyed making them.






Here's the whole family (so far) all hanging out together::


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