Tree of Life/Tree of Peace Challenge Doll
(11 in/28 cm)

This doll was created for the 2007 Tree of Life/Tree of Peace Freeform Challenge. Her skirt was made by freeform crocheting tiers on a form that was created by crocheting in the round in the front loops, leaving the back loops for anchoring the tiers. The tiers alternate warm and cool colors -- representing the coming together of the firy/irrational and calm/rational that I believe is necessary to achieve peace, either among people or within oneself. The rings around the edges of the tiers were crocheted by making a chain, threading it through an opening in the crochet work of the tier, joining with a slip stitch, and then crocheting (usually sc or hdc) into the ring. In working the ring, it must be rotated a bit to avoid running into the tier that it is "hanging" from. This doll istwo-faced, again representing the disparate parts that must come together to achieve peace. She will hang from the Tree of Life/Tree of Peace on a swing, shown in the pictures below.


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