(45 in/114 cm)

Serendipity was born thanks to two people from disparate parts of my life:

Remembering Joanna's words while looking for the yellow (which I found!), ideas started swirling. I picked out pieces that I thought might work together, arranged them, put some back, picked out some more, and ultimately that became Serendipity.

The triangular pieces on the bottom, the head pieces, and the outer round torso pieces were made for a wall hanging, but I didn't end up using them. The square pieces at the top and bottom of the torso were going to be part of a shawl, but I didn't like how that was going and switched gears to a simpler striped design. The shawl was way too long so I hacked off a chunk of it, which became Serindipity's arms. I didn't do any original crochet for this piece, except for adding a round to the left half circle on the torso so that it would be closer in size to the right half circle. Other than that, it was all about sewing together the pieces, making the corrugated plastic armiture, and sewing on the backing. These are my least favorite parts of making a flat doll, but it was so fun to "make something from nothing" that I really didn't min. I really like that this piece came out nothing like either of the two inspirations that led to it (Rosenthal's work and the Duloc caps).

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