Sing For Joy
(27 in/69 cm)

I made this doll to say thank you to my daughter's wonderful Musikgarten teacher, "Ms. Amy." Cassie started with her when she was 10 months old and she is about to turn 6 as I write. Ms. Amy has always been warm and fun with all the kids and her joy in singing and sharing that with the kids is so evident.

I started this doll with some pieces I had made for my black shawl. I realized after making many pieces with black edges that the edges recede into the black background (DUH!), so I used only the ones with colored edges and stashed the black-edged ones away. I think the colors are really joyful and as I thought about making this doll for Ms. Amy I remembered those pieces. Well, I played around with them and that led to the basic body shape of the doll. I made a few more round motifs to get the arms to be the length and shape I wanted and to add some texture to the torso. The proportions didn't seem quite right, though ... the skirt seemed too short with respect to the rest of the body, which led to the fringe:

I made a dense fringe with blobs at the bottom and I think that gives it the length and weight it needs. I think the thing I love most about making dolls is that it provides much opportunity for problem solving, thus feeding my basic nerd instincts. I don't usually make faces these days, as I find them really difficult and usually think that they detract from the doll. However, I wanted this one to be singing and I came up with a really simple face that I'm pleased with:

The mouth and eyes were made by repeating sl st, ch around a ch base. Very easy and produced a nice firm, but flexible piece. I definitely want to experiment more with rings made in this way ... maybe connected in complex chain arrangements, kind of like chain maille jewelry. Her hair is made from simple sc spirals (3 sc per ch, I think).

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