2005 Freeform Challenge: My Second Piece

Dimensions: 8 x 11 inches (20 x 28 cm)

After having such a clear theme and my idea for my first piece, I felt that I was on a roll and wanted to have an "idea" for the second piece. I usually just shoot from the hip, but in this case I needed something to get going. Then I remembered that I liked the effect of one of the scrumbles I made for Piece 1 (it's the one in the lower left corner of the picture of the scrumbles on the Piece 1Page) and wanted to explore that approach further ... ta da! I had my idea. The scrumble from Piece 1 was worked as an arc with rows single, half double, and double crochet stitches, and similar arcs around the ends of the rows. For some reason I was reminded of how intrigued I was by Xenobia Bailey's work, in which she uses almost exclusively single crochet, so I decided to toss that into my idea: all single crochet. I did mine in the back loops to add some texture (not that the highly textured yarns required it, but I just like how single crochet looks better that way).

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