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Petrushka and Lollian

NOTE: Sadly, we put Trushi down in October 2017 after a long bout of lymphoma. She was not suffering, but it was clear that she was not going to improve and we didn't want to wait for her to suffer. We put Lolly down in May 2021, when our vet advised it was time. We miss them both greatly.

We adopted Petrushka (female, orange and white) and Lollian (male, black and white) from the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago on July 2, 2005. They are 8-10 months old and the previous owner gave them up because of allergies. They are both front declawed and have already been spayed/neutered. They were both very sweet with us when we first played with them, even though they'd never met us.


Cassie named them when she blurted out in the waiting room, "I like the names Petrushka and Lollian." Several people laughed out loud. We really don't know where these came from. We considered a number of other names (Boris and Natasha, Professor and Marianne, Alfred and Hilda (no particular connection) to name a few). But Cassie seemed to like Petrushka and Lollian and we did too. We call them Trushka and Lolly for short. Cassie started calling the male cat Lolly, and while Petrushka is actually a male Russian name, it sounded more female to us, so we gave that name to our female.


When we took our new kitties home they were a bit shy as expected, Petrushka more so than Lollian. They are clearly becoming more comfortable with us and their surroundings. They're staying in the basement and kitchen for now, and once they seem really comfortable there we'll let them have the run of the house. We want to make sure we can find them fairly easily while they're getting acclimated -- Petrushka has already given us a scare by hiding (quietly) in a 5-inch space behind a bookcase.


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