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Bonnie's Hobbies

I have a few other hobbies besides reading and making dolls and jewelry:


  • Collecting kaleidoscopes
    I started the collection in 1985 when my friend Debra sent me a kaleidoscope for Hanukkah. I had wanted to collect something interesting and that was just the right thing for me. I aim for a variety of mechanisms in my collection, as well as scopes that are pretty on both the inside and the outside. I think the most interesting mechanism I have has an object case filled with brightly colored feathers and you move them around by squeezing a pump which sends in a burst of air. The pump is just like the ones you see on perfume atomizers. 

  • Crochetting other than dolls 
    I've made many afghans and ponchos/shawls/scarves (i.e. things that don't have to fit). I've made a couple of sweaters, but the fit thing is always an issue.

  • Knitting 
    Mostly I've knitted sweaters. I'm not a very good knitter and I find that my progress is pretty slow. I've gotten away from knitting in recent years, but I do enjoy it, and I especially like doing cables and other twisty stitches. I'm sure I'll get back to it some day.

  • Fulling
    I like to make bags (and dolls) from wool sweaters.


I guess there is a theme here: crafting and things with interesting colors. I really like playing around with colors and textures, and I think that's what draws me to crafting with beads, fabric, and yarn. I am like a kid in a candy shop in any type of store that sells craft supplies. I kind of get tired of things quickly and like trying new things, so that's why there's a lot of variety here. I'm not very good at fine arts, as I discovered in a watercolor class I took somewhere around 1989 (can't draw worth a darn), so I've pretty much stayed away from that.

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