Making Hosiery Yarn
  • Buy hosiery (mainly tights) at thrift stores
  • Wash them and hang dry
  • Cut off the legs and remove the toes from them
  • Fold the leg lengthwise in thirds or fourths
  • Cut crosswise in roughly even strips, resulting in loops when unfolded
  • Stretch the loops and connect like a rubberband chain
  • Usually I leave the loops in bags and and make the yarn as I need it
  • This forces me to give my hands a break

How I Made This Piece

  • First I bought and prepared the hosiery**
  • Next came Firenza and Fria
  • Then I started making various little pieces
  • When I tired of that I started on the base
  • Then I alternated between pieces and work on the base
  • Finally the base seemed finished I had "enough" pieces
  • I sewed the pieces onto the base
  • I made a few more pieces and added them here and there
  • Finally I sewed fleece onto the bottom

** Thanks to my daughter Cassie, my niece Lora, and my nephew Parker for stretching loops.

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