I made this necklace at the end of 2006 and modified it in April 2007. It is made from waxed cotton and the crochet cords connecting the coins and rings are all different patterns that I created. Some of the rings are antique brass and others were bought new, but just weren't comfortable as rings so they were recycled as part of this necklace. The coins are all from various places, given to me by family members who travel and know I like using them in jewelry. This is the modified version (and, I think, my final answer). In these pictures it looks like the rightmost fringe doesn't have a symmetric mate, but it's hiding behind other fringe. Sometimes I think a little bit of symmetry among asymmetric, freeform work gives a nice effect. Or maybe I'm just perverse.

Here are some pictures of the original version. I really didn't like the big rings connecting the fringey bottom piece to the rest. They seemed to over power it and they would always twist in an unappealing way.

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