I made this piece in honor and memory of my dear Aunt Pearl, who died completely unexpectedly on July 24, 2014 at age 75. She was vibrant, kind, smart, fun, and more. I miss her dearly. Making this piece helped with my grief; I gave it to my Uncle Larry, who I adore -- always have and always will. I made a doll in her honor and memory as well.

The eulogy that I gave for Aunt Pearl:

For so many in our family and beyond, Aunt Pearl was a rock, a friend, and a role model.
She was effervescent, compassionate, and brilliant in every sense of the word;
she was fully engaged in every aspect of life. Aunt Pearlie was my stalwart supporter
since I was six, especially with respect to my interest in the arts. Like me, she appreciated
the elegant beauty of haiku, so I would like to share this one that I wrote for her:

Pearl: so luminous.
A gleaming light in my life.
In my heart always.

The haiku is tucked in a pocket on the back of this piece.

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