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Cosspia: A Gal in the Style of Picasso

(17x8 in, 43x20 cm)

This piece was created for the 2012 International Freeform Crochet Challenge.


I've long wanted to experiment more with crocheted faces, which I find particularly challenging. I never seem to get the proportions or positioning of the features "right." So what if I just didn't worry about proportions or positioning? Who better to use as my inspiration than Picasso? So I studied the faces of many Picasso paintings. I couldn't find a particular one that I felt I could do justice to in crochet, but I decided it would be within bounds to interpret the challenge description "freeformishly" and aim for Picasso's style. With that I got to work on Cosspia's face, which came together without sketches or much planning at all. But her head all by itself looked strange; she needed a body. I sketched a body and used that as a sort of pattern. Turns out I had a much harder time with the body which is usually the easy part for me. I think having the pattern threw me off. I guess I'm a "freeformer" at heart, as I imagine Picasso to have been.


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