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Purple Power

(26x12 in, 66x30 cm)

This piece was created for the 2014 International Freeform Crochet Challenge.

The theme for 2014's challenge was One Color. I like to play with words and numbers as well as fiber. Once I picked purple, the phrase "purple power" ran through my head. That led naturally to "power of two" and thus was born my idea for this piece: restrict the parameters beyond one color. Will it still look and feel like freeform? 

I crocheted in rows only, and the number of stitches in every row is a power of two. Only chain and back loop single crochet stitches were used.


Purple power
Powers of two
Two stitches
Stitches in Rows
Rows of purple


Did it feel like freeform as I made it? Yes and no. Oddly, restrictions freed me in some ways: I didn't suffer as much from indecision. And yet, at times I got a little annoyed at having to follow rules. Does it look like freeform? You tell me!

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