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(15x15 in, 38x38 cm)

This piece was created for the 2015 International Freeform Crochet Challenge.

The theme for 2015's challenge was the ocean. I incorporated the ocean in my 2010 and 2011 challenge pieces as well as in Lola and Lolita. So the real challenge for me was how to something different for the 2015 challenge. I started thinking about the ocean and how it is always changing and that led me to my approach: I would make a piece that could change. The parts of the piece are woven together and held in place by tension. The piece can be pulled apart and reformed easily, but never the same way twice. Finished April 2015


Ocean: full of life.
Bold, roaring, ever changing -
so vulnerable.

[Photos thanks to Joanna McCaffrey


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