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Senorita Conchita

(14 in/36 cm)


This doll continues my exploration of using single crochet in the back rows to create interesting color play and texture. This doll began with the narrow vertical piece in the middle of the body. I then started working around on the part that now forms the bottom. I was intending it to form the arms (or at least a suggestion of arms), but as it went along I realized I was ending up with a nice body shape if I rotated it 180 degrees. And the irony is that I decided not to put any arms on this doll (even though I know some find that creepy). This doll has a number of new techniques for me. The head in that I started with an open ring using changing stitch heights intentionally in each of the rounds. Then I sewed a pink circle to the back, forming the face (well, I know it's not really a face, but a suggestion of one). It's hard to see it in the pictures, but the edge of the open ring with the circle behind it makes an interesting effect. The fringe is also something new for me -- since I decided against arms I thought it would be wierd to add legs or feet, but it needed something mroe at the bottom, and so I started playing with the fringe idea. Though it was a little tedious, I like the effect, so will play with that some more. Also new for me is this colorway inspired by Lion Brand Landscapes Coral Reef yarn. I am really enjoying it, so I will be playing with it quite a bit more.

In 2008 I decided Senorita Conchita needed a revision: her hair was not quite right, her face needed a bit more definition, and I thought she needed some arms. She looks better against black; the second set of photos was taken with her hanging up on a wall. I gave her to Dr. Barbara Meyer, my therapist, who has helped me so very much in my life.

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