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(12 in/30 cm)


Serendipity was inspired by the purple, green, and gold yarn in her dress, which I received as part of the Sixty-Odd / A Fiber Odyssey project, but wasn't able to fit into any of my pieces. However, I really loved the yarn and had been meaning to experiment with a purple/green/gold colorway, so I tucked it away for later use. I named this doll Serendipity because it was only after I made the piece that became her body that I realized that it looks like arms holding a fan. I had just been freeforming like I usually do -- it was true serendipity. I arranged the pieces and was pondering whether or not to make arms for her when I had the AHA! moment that it already had arms. And it wasn't until even later that I realized she was holding a fan!

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