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Cool Cat

(17 in/43 cm)


I needed a break from the human form, I guess, so I naturally turned to the feline form. This cat (named for its cool colors ... groan!) didn't come out quite like I envisioned, but so it goes; Cassie really likes it, so I'm pleased. The sketch I made had a more rounded back, but it was too late when I realized that I wasn't matching that part of the outline very well ... I just didn't feel like ripping out all those fuzzy yarns. Also, I think the legs are kind of misproportioned; they should be longer. I chalk that up to my lack of drawing skills (which is why my dolls are abstract). Put drawing on the "some day I'll take some classes or something" list. Since I wanted the form of the cat to be apparent I decided not to use freeform for the body, opting instead to use rows of sc in the back loop changing colors every row or two (one of my favorite techniques lately). My freeform experience did come in handy, though. My first attempt at the circular part of the hind leg ended up being much too small and the base of the tail was too wide, but it was too late to undo it ... so I just crocheted a new circle and just sewed it right on top of the other one, blended it to the paw portion, and it looks much better. That's what I love about freeform: if you don't like it, just crochet right over it! It's so forgiving.

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