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(14 in/36 cm)


Proto is named for the fact that she is a prototype for an approach that I plan to try with a larger doll and in other colors. I really enjoyed what I called the "rings and things" approach I used in my Tree of Life/Tree of Peace doll. I've been wanting to play some more with it, but in a flat form. I was looking at some Fettucini and a lightbulb went off. This is a very wide flat, but thick yarn that comes in several beautiful colorways, and the one I used is a definite comfort zone for me. It crochets up very quickly with a large hook (I used a P) and is perfect for surface work because the loops are so large. I'm pretty happy with how Proto turned out, though I think her body is too busy and should be a more integrated somehow. Maybe too many colors, or should have moved from greens to blues to purples or something like that. Anyway, this experiment served its purpose because I have a few more colors of Fettucini and plan to play some more with this basic approach. And now I've got to keep my eyes open for good sales on Fettucini, as it's pretty pricey considering the small yardage.

I liked the way the arms and face turned out. The face is slip stitched in Fettucini, and the arms are a very simple cord: ch 2, 2 sc in 1st ch, (ch 1, turn, 2 sc in back loop of first sc) repeat until desired length. I made one cord that is stitched ot the back of the doll and left long tails at each end that I looped and wrapped into hands. Anyway, I think the use of Fettucini in the arms and face helps a little to mitigate the effect of the hodge podge of the dress. Well maybe just a very little?

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