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Swirly Girl

(27 in/69 cm)


This doll started with an experiment that became the skirt. I was noodling around wiht this yarn and kind of liked the effect. It's worked in pretty short graduated and curving rows using basic stitches (sl, sc, hdc, dc, tc). At the end of each row I chained, turned, and then worked the other direction in the back loop only with slip stitch and chain for each stitch of the previous row. This gives a ridged effect not unlike the crab stitch, but it's not quite as thick with a bit of a different texture -- and it's easier to do than crab stitch (also called reverse sc). While the skirt was made with all one yarn and rows swirling around each other (hence the title), the body was made with wavy rows (just graduated stitches -- no increases or corner turning) and I used a solid yarn for the background and the same yarn as the skirt for the slip-chain rows. I like the effect and plan to play with this approach some more ... on my long list of things to explore further.

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