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(45 in/114 cm)


Serendipity was born thanks to two people from disparate parts of my life:


  • Joanna, a very long-time friend, suggested making a collage from chrocheted pieces when I pointed her to Barry Rosenthal's work. Interesting idea, I thought; I have a big bag full of crochet experiments, pieces for projects that didn't make it into the project, etc.

  • Lisa, a newer friend who is part of the fabulous theater program at Brooks middle school, asked me to crochet yellow caps for mail Duloc singers in a recent production of "Shrek the Musical." I was running short on the yellow yarn and decided to look through my bag of "bits and pieces" to see whether I had made anything with that yarn that could be frogged (a technical term: "rip it, rip it" kind of sounds like a frog) and the yarn reclaimed.


Remembering Joanna's words while looking for the yellow (which I found!), ideas started swirling. I picked out pieces that I thought might work together, arranged them, put some back, picked out some more, and ultimately that became Serendipity. Finished May 2014.

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