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Hosiery Coral Reef #2

(17x15x5.5 inches (43x30x14 cm)

I had so much fun making Hosiery Coral Reef #1 that I had to make another. It was also much fun and I've continued to collect hosiery. I'm fascinated by the different types and by thinking about the possible stories behind the hosiery. For example, who is wearing all these BRIGHT colors? And where? Then there is the excitement of the hunt ... will I find any more bright yellow or green? How about blue? These seem much harder to come by than pink, purple, red, and even orange (though it's not common either), though finding forest and olive greens has not been a problem. Finished February 2008.


I think I will try using hosiery yarn for some dolls next. The stiffness will enable me to create sculptural pieces without having to stuff them. They can be hollow (with an open bottom, for example) and stand on their own. I won't be able to get quite the level of detail and variety of stitches as I usually use in my dolls, but that will be part of the fun.

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