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Ojo De Dios (Eye of God)

When I was a kid we made "God's Eyes" in camp -- I loved them!. When Cassie was going to make them in camp we started playing with little ones at home using popsicle sticks. Then I got the idea to make a bigger one using nice yarns and using a very long chain/cord instead of plain yarn. So I crocheted away and made a variety of lumps and bumps as well as some smooth sections using smallish pieces of yarn from a different project I was working on. This was basically freeform, changing texture depending on the yarn and my whim. We collected some sticks for the armature, and Cassie did most of the winding. The result is below; I wasn't sure whether it would turn out to be a horrible mish-mash or not, but we're pleased with the result. I later did some googling and found some lovely examples of far more complex Ojos De Dios. Finished August 2008.

Sadly, the Ojo De Dios broke apart while hanging in our screened in porch. I repurposed the crochet part and one of the tassles in 2014/2015.

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