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Interlocking Rings Scarf

I made this scarf in the fall of 2006. It is made of interlocking crocheted rings. I didn't start out planning to make a scarf, but just had the idea that interlocking rings might be interesting, so I started to play and it grew into a scarf. I didn't follow a pattern in making the rings -- just whatever took my fancy. I wasn't going to add the fringe, but it seemed to need something (as if that wacky ring thing wasn't enough). The colors are far less vibrant than they appear in these photos. This scarf purely ornamental -- too itchy to wear on bare skin and a bit too skinny to be a well functioning scarf. Wacky as it is I kind of like it, and I think there is potential in the idea of interlocking rings. Finished October 2006.

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